Chris Viii is a instrument of The LORD expressing the Kingdom of God and His righteousness through the art of music and beyond. Unique and set apart the inner city up bringing of Viii has conditioned him to be relentless and fromidable in the delivery of his message. In hearing his records you can distinguish the authenticity and discover mysteries of God with earth shaking energy. The Holy Spirit has touched the hearts of many through the inspiration God has given him. The platinum age enthusiasts yearn for the latest releases of this young phenomena with energy, passion, love, and original sound.

Latest Releases

Beyond The Music

Chris Viii is blessed to participate in numerous outreaches two of which he was able to connect by the grace of God and help of blessed relationships. Recently during the crisis in Durban south africa, a stunning group called Key of Hope suffered from civil unrest rampid in that region. Their CEO put a call for help and the Holy Spirit inspired Chris Viii to take action. Without any idea of how the course would manifest he was lead to contact another organization he worked with called Rise Against Hunger who unbeknownst to Chris Viii had a facility located in their exact region. Through networking and the established relationships God cultivated through Chris Viii, Rise Against Hunger of Africa was able to deliver over 11,000 meals to the glory of God. This is one stellar example of how beyond the Music the Kingdom is still at work and the reputation of Chris Viii is intergral. To see how you can partner up for upcomming projects contact us now! The Kingdom of God is advancing and we diligently pursue the work of the Lord at hand.

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