Christian Witchuals

Wealth, Health, and Happiness, it is a innocent desire and truly what the Lord makes available to all who trust in Him. Everything Humans do on earth is to achieve this feat. Even by means of obtaining stature and influence, not that stature gives you any points with God, He is still able to use people with stature and influence for His purpose. Stature however is not a requisite to achive Gods purpose but His grace and mercy.

Not everyone trusts in God but everyone does trust in wealth health and happiness to some degree, atleast in the sence thats what they want. Another thing everyone trusts is the possibilities of unknown factors. Wether science or spirits or God we instinctively turn to what we percieve as a higher power to obtain security and the blessed state of being, so that we can be happy and not worried about what dangers may occur.

The alternatives and differences in the higher power we seek is evidence of the waging dispute in the unseen. There a war wages with beings that seek to use you (because you are seen and in the physical state) They leverage how God desinged you in order to carry out their agenda, even if it at times means sacrificing someone you love. It’s dealings with the occult who tug on people’s desires like a scam artist. It’s a real thing and people get trapped. Any pressure or influence displaying these traits may indicate the root of your relationship or affiar is of the occult and not holy or blessed.

   God is not like that He gives us our desires based on His own sacrifice Jesus Christ the only sacrifice necessary. To be exalted He says to make yourself last, and Jesus being the born unseen image of the Father did not come to be served but to serve. In all His perfection and unblemished life not deserving death He still chose to lay down His life for our sake, and rose again the third day. Thats Holy and opposes all other methods of obtaining a blessed life.

   The enemy seeks one thing to steal kill and destroy. It is foolish to think the enemy won’t turn your desire for your destruction if you seek them. The only combative force against this evil is God, His Word, and His grace.

The enemy even uses the figure of flase Christs like trinkets and portraits not accurate to His glory. That is done so your perception of Jesus is automatically lowered to an earthly status. We should not be deceived by the enemy because there is no power greater than God and we can not create anything for Him to inhabit, but in us is His dwelling place.

The enemy’s time is quickly expiring and their kingdom will suffer beyond the worst pain fathomable for all eternity. Although the enemy may have limited authority in granting wishes, it is garunteed bait to your destruction. Resources are not our source of living but God almighty. He knows what we have need of and created all things so He provides by His grace. Also do not fret for we are all small on earth yet God uses the foolish things to confound the wise. You are significant to God no matter what.

    Put your faith in Christ, he withholds no good thing from those who walk uprightly. Our righteousness is filthy rags but by His imputed Righteousness we are a fragrant scent and justified if we recieve. It is by the blood of Christ our needs are met, it is by His blood the works of the enemy is overturned, and no matter the case you can be freed.

    To be victorious the sacrifice required is Jesus. If you want to advance amidst the serpents and scorpions. Instead sacrifice the food you put in your belly; in other words fast. Don’t be a Christian by title, be the Christian that is influencial yet nobody has to be told in order to know thats who you are. You only need a mustard seed of faith, the Grace is already dispatched.

Tommorow brings us one thing, one step closer to meeting our creator. everyone believes tomorrow will come but not what comes with it. Remeber the blood of Christ. God bless.


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