This is a call to whomever can relate. In my experience, being introduced to Rev. CAROLYN McCOMBS, the pioneer of what many consider to be one of the most effectual programs called ELEVATE, it was a journey of awesome discovery. Coming from an inner city, I never thought there could be an effective way to make a difference, even so far as changing the very course city inhabitants live’s would take. Most for lack of knowledge are either consumed by the street life or standing in an extremely disadvantaged state, in attempt to simply make ends meet. ELEVATE‘s model is a strategy beyond worldly measure and as we take this journey together we will discover the produce of this fruitful endeavor.


This transformational initiative is already seeing such great impact. It has been my honor and privilege to meet these awesome people and it is time the world meets them too. This promotional video is just a glimpse of this highly effective system, and to see how you can help support this initiative, all of the contact information is posted below for your convenience. ELEVATE is about speaking life! Your support is what advances the shift in positivity and compassion. We Thank You!

To Support



(631) 485-7109


Please contact us at: (914) 280-2660

This Promotional Video was brought to you by WORKHORSE PICTURES, Directed &Edited by D.A. JACKSON, Starring CAROLYN McCOMBS, and JIM POCOCK, Produced & Hosted by J. STACEY ADAMS, Associate Producer CHRISTIAN JAMES VILCHEZ,

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