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Bridge to the Supernatural

The Kingdom of Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Music has the power to transport us to a different dimension. Chris Viii is anointed with the ability to breakthrough to souls  from every walk of life, bearing witness to the power of Jesus Christ. Since a young age, there was a destiny for great purpose in music & ministering to people around the world with fever and zeal. Support the Further advancement of God’s Kingdom in prayer and be blessed by the Holy Spirit

“JESUS is GOD” new hit single by Chris Viii is Available Now on all streaming platforms. An exciting prelude to the album titled KINGDOM the ultimate anthem for warriors in Christ. In the midst of a generation where powers and principalities try to blur the lines between what is real and not, this record splits bone from marrow to the wreckage of fortresses, breaking down of strongholds, for the glory of Jesus Christ, that we take a stance, and profess the Holy Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ “The Author and finisher of our Faith.” so that others may be Saved. God Bless, may His church be never ceasing in prayer!



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Crusher ANC

Crusher ANC Active Wireless Headphones Specs

  • Adjustable Bass Sensory.
  • Active Noise Cancelation
  • Personal Sound


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